Updated April 1, 2018

Most Mid-South Dairy Records and DRMS fees are based on cow counts. Test day charges are calculated solely on a cow count in a herd on the previous test day except for DHIA Operating Fee and Mid-South Computer Charges. All other fees listed are per test charges. Mid-South offers true cafeteria pricing where you only pay for what you want and what you use!

DHIA Affiliate Fees

DHIA Operating Fees 25 cents per cow per month plus $5 per herd

Mid-South Computer Charge

5 cents per cow per month
DHIR or Tri-Star Fee $2 per herd
Mid-South Meter Fee 8 cents per cow
Testday NonPayment Fee 5% of Total Invoice
Testday Payment Discount 5% for Payment on Testday

Lab Fees

Butterfat, Protein and Somatic Cell 30  cents per cow – Includes Hotsheet e-mailed or faxed 
Hotsheet Mailed $1 per Herd per Test
Bulk Tank for Fat, Protein, SCC & MUN FREE with whole herd test
MUN Analysis 18 cents per cow – $5 Bulk Tank Only
Milk Pregnancy Testing $4 per Sample
Sample Shipping $12 plus 4 cents per cow – covers shipping to and from lab


Base Fee 9 cents per cow, minimum of $2.70 per herd
Monthly Report 3 cents per cow
Herd Summary $1.75 per herd
Cow Pages 1 cent per cow
PCDART Herd Management Software $12 plus 10 cents per cow per month – $75 Max
Pocketdairy $30 Initial Fee then $10 plus 3 cents per cow per month – $20 Max
PCDART Advanced Features $10-$40 per month

For Complete DRMS Charges visit  http://www.drms.org  Log in with Herdcode and RAC

Technician Wages and Travel Expense – Local and Meter

Tech wages and travel may be determined by a Local DHIA Association and differ from rates shown below.

Mid-South Standard Tech Rate

1X Walk On (1st 40 cows) $41.50
  > 40 cows .52 per cow
  Travel IRS Rate .54 per total miles
2X Walk On (1st 30 cows) $83.00
  > 30 cows .80 per cow
  Travel IRS Rate .54 per total miles

Non-Member Lab Fees – Include Return Shipping for 60 or more Samples

Butterfat and Protein – or – SCC 1$ per sample
MUN – 30 sample minimum charge 50 cents per sample
Mid-South Prepaid Shipping $30 per herd plus 5 cents per sample